Every explorationist would like to reduce the uncertainty of any interpretation and the integration of all available dataset using modern interpretation tools helps tackle these uncertainties.

One of the major concerns in modern data interpretation is how to interpret poorly/fuzzy geological/structural/alteration and mineralisation data.

The analysis of this data in 2D and 3D can provide a more accurate exploration strategy as interpretational uncertainties are reduced.



Why Hydrothermal Fluid Alteration Is of Particular Interest to an Exploration/ Economic Geologist

  1. 1.Ore deposits are frequently associated with extensive alteration (haloes) that represent much larger targets for exploration.
  2. Mineralogical and chemical zonation in altered haloes may provide vectors to ore.
As a result, it is important in exploration to distinguish between hydrothermally altered and non-hydrothermally altered facies.


Hydrothermal Fluid Migration

By carrying a map based interpretation of alteration zones/haloes/pathways, we are able to determine the major structural control (shear, faults etc) that correlate with stratigraphic/ geological features, all of which help to determine a possible fluid migration pathway for exploration targets.



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